Change or Inspirational?

The shadow of change has the ability to create emotions be it in a personal form or in a corporate environment.

Change – The constant
Change – The rush of energy, a sense of something new or something is about to happen.
Change – Starts or resets daily
Change – Starts with self or do we allow work to consume ourselves.

Small changes can have a massive impact on all the cells in our body, our dopamine levels expanding. Can make us smile, can be fearfull or make us fearless !

In the corporate world change, sometimes marketed as “transformation projects” can allow new chapters, new opportunities to develop.

What is your organisation doing to change ?
Moreover, now at the end of month 1 of 2023, what changes are you making to your most important asset in life, Your health ?

Some easy steps:
1. The value of constant sleep
2. The importance of movement, try standing up for meetings rather than sitting.
3. The elimination of sugar, carbonated drinks and ultra processed foods, watch you transform. (Oh, a side note, be prepared for having to buy new clothes as your physical body changes in size).
4. The value of ensuring you connect with real Vitamin D – one of the natural supplements of wellbeing with magical power.

Change – Starts with small steps leading to great pathways. Your health is your greatest pathway of healthy thriving.


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