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Workplace stress and a decline in productivity have become common issues around the world. How can corporations find more achievable and sustainable solutions for mental wellness? Let’s talk.

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Corporate Pressure

Corporate Stress and Consequences

According to a LifeWorks and Deloitte study, 82% of senior leadership or executives feel exhausted and burned out at work.

Although people are more outspoken and aware of mental health issues, it does not indicate that they seek timely help. The vocalisation often manifests as a post-suffering action.

The reasons could be many, from stigma to lack of knowledge or access. 55% of senior executives are concerned about the stigma associated with mental illnesses and how it will affect their careers. People suffer in silence till the breaking point. Corporate stress leads to a decline in productivity and economic loss.

Why Now?

Changes in workplace dynamics, workload, current lifestyle and the pandemic have all served as stressors for corporate executives.

Now increased workplace stress causes frustration, moodiness, irritability, and absenteeism, as well as increased economic loss, and a decline in productivity and engagement.

Corporate man and woman discussion

So, Now What?

Corporations must step up their efforts. The time has come to move from only the mental health awareness phase to sustainable and conducive actions for real-time insight and results.

Sustainable action now means a healthy, happy, productive workplace full of life, laughter, innovation, and engagement.