First do no harm (Primun non nocera)

Yes, the famous original oath of the world of medicine according to the scholar, Hippocrates.

But what about self responsibility of one’s own health!!

Well, if in one camp the option is a ‘magic’ pill for that, repeat every few months and that will do no harm.

But, what about one of the most toxic substances, more addictive, more readily available especially in developed countries, yes sugar.

What is sugar?

S – Seductive
U – Unbalanced
G – Grains of toxins
A – Addictive
R – Readily available

Sugar is evident in many of the food like products consumed by millions daily.

Then there is the personal denial of ‘I don’t have sugar in my tea / coffee’, so I don’t have any sugar in the foods I consume. Really ?

Most people who are consuming guidelines of food pyramids, shakes, fizzy drinks, fruit smoothies, food supplements mimicking foods (packed with ‘x’ amounts of ….) are added sugar to your body, equivalent to this photo. And this is before midday !!!

Sugar is it your friend, enemy or addiction?

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