In the world of mental wellbeing the correlation between one’s physical, emotional and nutritional wellbeing are essential pillars of health. Essential at all ages.

The connection to what we eat, when we sleep, the circle of love we have, the ‘psychological safety’ is a critical part of one’s wellbeing.

The work of Gabor Mate in his latest book, ‘The Myth of Normal, Trauma, illness and healing in a toxic culture’ describes the impact of virtual signaling we as adults have with our children and their wellbeing.

In the current culture of ‘quick fixes’, ranging from having a ‘pill’ as a quick fix to that of fast food on the go, to the inclusion of having cereals for breakfast, yes, the famous brand created the phrase in the early 1900’s that ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ (A slogan used to promote food like products laced with sugar)

So, what are the impacts of ultra processed foods on sleep clothing?

Sleep an essential tool of metabolic health

The disturbing and dangerous mind framing of:
“I’m going to have this cereal today”
“Mummy, can I have what’s on your top for breakfast please ”
Or, to rephrase a famous line from the movies, “I’ll have what she’s having”

The power of marketing in this way, relating the gut health of one’s own health and that of the future health of those around us is incredible.

Spot on for the brands, the outlets selling these, who will help lead you on a pathway of chronic illness, most likely diabetes, poor gut health and poor mental health for you and your loved ones.

In the words of the famous Pink Floyd song, ‘Leave our kids alone’