The Alzheimer’s Economy – Reframing

Alzheimer’s is one of the most expensive diseases in America, costing more than cancer and heart disease. of caring for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias will total an estimated $345 billion.

In 2021 the estimated cost of dementia in the UK was £25 billion and is expected to almost double to £47 billion by 2050. Globally, the cost of dementia was estimated to be $1.3 trillion USD in 2018 (World Alzheimer Report 2018).

The cost of dementia to the Australian economy is already enormous and growing rapidly. In 2018, dementia is estimated to have cost Australia more than $15 billion. By 2025, the total cost of dementia is predicted to increase to $18.7 billion in today’s dollars, and by 2056, to more than $36.8 billion.


Potential Risk Factors:

A person’s risk of getting dementia can also be increased by their:

∎gender and sex


∎amount of ‘cognitive reserve’ – the brain’s ability to cope with disease.

∎other health conditions if any

∎lifestyle – for example, smoking and excessive alcohol use, ultra processed foods, Sugar.

∎exposure to air pollution.

∎sedentary lifestyle, sleep (lack of), Stress, endocrine disruptors.


The Future:

The work by Dr Dale Bredesen over the past 20+ years has developed a protocol to reduce the impact of this disease, even having the ability to reverse cognitive decline, reframing ‘That Dementia is no longer a death sentence’.  The recently released docu-movie in this space,, applying the principles of the Bredesen Protocol.


Now, many health practitioners, and coaches (me included) applying this framework in helping thousands of clients understand the value to cognitive awareness and real health.


Are you acting towards Alzheimer’s with ‘blind faith’ that a wonder ‘drug shall be created?

Are you investing now in your health with preventative strategies to ensure quality of living?

Are you part of the Alzheimer’s economy of cognitive decline or are you investing now in your health?