The ‘Feeding’ of  Cancer!!!!

In December 1971, President Nixon declared and which was to become a Federal Act on the ‘War on Cancer’, in a USA National effort to eradicate cancer.

Now, the global spending on oncology and cancer research is in the region of $200 Billion.

Has it worked?

There are so many ‘insights’ from cancer organisations, which in the past 50 years have been focussed on some poorly researched dogma, particularly when it relates to nutrition.  As an example, the ‘Red meat causes cancer’.  Of all the medical evidence available there is one report in which 2 rats apparently developed colon cancer from red meat, the rest are directives from a variety of conflicting and poor evidence, yet do we discuss how the impact of Glucose has on cancer cells?

In the words by German Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology in 1931, Otto H Warburg (1883 – 1970)

‘Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarised in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar (Glucose)’

Is cancer in fact metabolic dysfunction?

Can cancer be addressed by dietary interventions such as intermittent fasting or a keto style diet of real foods, real proteins and minimum carbohydrates?

Can the preferred ‘fuels’ of cancer, namely glucose and glutamine be impacted not by drugs, but nutrition?

Can nutritional pathways of being in ketosis impact the activities for cancer cells and growth factor signalling?

Can cancer cells be impacted by:

Ultra Processed Foods – You decide.

Seed Oils – Good for Cancer Cells – You decide.

Glucose (Sugar) – A friend or Foe for Cancer?

Rather than spend $$$ on ‘cupcake for cancer’ morning teas, it is worthwhile looking at the metabolic approach to the ‘dis-ease’.


Can a Low Carb / Ketogenic lifestyle be an agent of wellbeing to prevent cancer?

What impact shall that ‘fast food’, the ‘healthy option food offering’ have on your most valuable asset in life, your health?


Imagine investing daily on your health?

Imagine the impact real food shall have on your gut, your mental clarity and mindset?