One’s metabolic health requires daily vitamins and minerals to perform optimally which are essential parts of our health.

The importance of Vitamin A is essential for one’s metabolic health, which impacts key areas including:

  • Vision (Eyes)
  • Growth (Bones)
  • Reproduction (sexual organs)
  • Epithelial cell maintenance. (covering layer of one’s body surfaces).


In the corporate world, this is amplified by a similar needs and requirements feeding its organisation to reflect the Vitality of A:

  • Attraction of employees. (Recruitment)
  • The Vision of the organisation (Focus / Direction)
  • The repeat business opportunities of the organization. (Customers, Attraction, Adaptability)
  • The protection of it’s values, culture and it’s Accountability.


If both in your health and your organisation is depleted of Vitamin A what are the impacts:

They can include:

  • Poor Vision / Focus
  • Deficiency can lead to autoimmune dysfunction, infection and in some cases cancer.
  • Dry or rough skin, including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.


Essential food sources which contain this vitamin in abundance are, animal proteins, liver, steak, butter, dairy products and butter.  Some seasonal green vegetables do contain Vitamin A, however depending on the cooking method can easily be destroyed.

So, is your organisation applying on a daily basis the Vitality of Vitamin A?

Is your organisation ensuring the right minerals and vitamins are being applied for focus, for growth and sustainability?

Importantly are You protecting your biggest asset in life, your health with a daily uptake of Vitamin A