Listening to body

Intention for today as marathon training was 11 miles (16kms), a long slow run.

Prior preparation in place, running gear ready, camel pack at the ready, salt water at the ready, shoes at the ready, mapped run at the ready. Post run refuelling at the ready.


Completed 5 miles (8kms), legs heavy, body feeling tired, 90% humidity, sweaty, hot.

Decided to listen to body, the call of mother nature. Not allowing ego or the monkey mind of, oh you must do 16 kms, you can push through, you can make it.

Nope decided to listen to the calmness of inner voice.

Being aware and thankful of achieving 8kms, of being able to run, of the joy of being in the moment.

Having the time to check in, to enjoy the view, to sit and relax.

Training for a marathon is hard, allowing nature to work its magic is magical.

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