The Powerful energy of the childhood see saw, what a metaphor for life.

As a child we have all experienced the emotions, actions and feelings when playing on this playground masterpiece.

We learn so many life skills such as:

1. Asking and receiving help, “come play with me, you go on one side I’ll go on the other”
2. We learn the “gut feelings” when we go up, the feel good factors of joy, rising to the top, feeling elated, tall, up high.
3. We learn when we are on the downside, our strengths, our awareness, our cheerfulness of saying to the other side, “well I’m just going to leave you up there”
4. The joy of connecting with others, of releasing emotions of going up and down.
5. Acknowledging our feelings, our emotions and our being in the moment.

The strengths of creating balance on this playground equipment a reflection of ourselves, creating balance of optimal well-being at our core.

What are you doing to balance your well-being?