Vitamin G – Glutathione


Yes, the powerful antioxidant with the funny name, which just happens to be one of the most powerful detoxifiers for our health, boosting our immune system and reducing the risks of cancer.


Vitamin G can also be defined as that in a psychological pathway as the power of Gratitude, of Going with the Flow, of the health benefits of green space (Glasgow leads the way in this ‘space’ as known as Dear Green Place in Gaelic and has almost 100 green parks in the city).


Vitamin G is also Gut health 1:1


When understanding the function of Glutathione, think ‘Liver’, your liver and its function.  Your liver is your bodies’ filter for toxins.


According to Walter Crinnion, ND, in his publication ‘Clean, Green and Lean’ he explains how Glutathione can help remove harmful toxins other than heavy metals, such as pesticides, especially from ‘foods’ transforming them in such a way they can be excreted easily.

Glutathione is big and bulky, therefore difficult to get into your cells, so you must eat foods which contain its precursor amino acids:

L-glycerine  – Protects the prostate gland and helps build muscle,

L-glutamine – Helps digestion and the immune system,

L-cysteine – Detoxifies the body while protecting the Liver.


The best foods to enhance your body of Glutathione are fresh seasonal fruits, fish, meat, and all animal foods.  Fresh Green in season vegetables will also have these benefits.


The questions are how are you protecting you most important asset, your health particularly your liver?

Are you a lover of your liver or is your liver heading for burnout?

Are you having the Green space between clean gut health, brain function and healthy thriving?